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This article applies to all paid subscriptions (Customer Data Studio is not available on Free subscriptions).


This article covers one of the two main views in the Segments tab of the Customer Data Studio. See our other article on the Data Panel. If you are new to Segmentation, then read our article introducing Segments. You may also be interested in our guides to creating and managing Segments.

To access the Analytics Panel, select Customer Data Studio, and then Segments, and then Analytics.

To see information about a different Segment, simply select the Segment from the list on the left.

Summary tab

The Summary tab displays key information about the selected Segment, in easy-to-digest graphics and numerical analysis. The majority of this information needs no further explanation.

In the top right of the view is text stating whether you are trying to Grow or Shrink this Segment. For Segments that you have created, you can change your goals by editing the Segment

The large Segment Growth graph on the lower right is interactive: hover the cursor over the graph to view values for specific days.

Rules tab

Select a Segment, and then click the Rules tab to see how Customers are selected for this Segment.

If you need to edit the rules for a Segment, see out guide to creating and managing Segments.

While you can't edit AI Segments, you can use the Rules tab to understand how they work.

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