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This article applies to all paid subscriptions (Customer Data Studio is not available on Free subscriptions).


This article covers one of the two main views in the Segments tab of the Customer Data Studio. See our other article on the Analytics Panel.

To access the Data Panel, select Customer Data Studio, and then Segments, and then Data.

To see information about a different Segment, simply select the Segment from the list on the left.

Overview & Navigation

The Data Panel gives a view of the details of each Customer in the selected Segment. Attributes for all Distil Data Sources as well as Distil AI Tags and Enrichments are shown as columns. Tabs at the top of the panel group Attributes by Data Source, such as Core Data, AI Tags and Chronotypes. Clicking these tabs enables easy navigation to the Attributes for that Data Source.

Clicking on any Customer within the Data Panel will open the Customer Profile panel. This view shows the full details that Distil holds for that Customer.

Use the green arrows on the right to scroll (left and right) through the columns. Use a mouse wheel to scroll (up and down) through the displayed Customers.

The Segment records can also be downloaded by clicking on the Download CSV button at the top right.


There are a large number of Attributes available for each Customer in the Data Panel. While this is great for flexibility, it can be a challenge when you only need to see a specific set of Attributes in the Data Panel. The Views feature can be used to quickly configure the display to show only those Attributes relevant to the insights you are seeking.

A View is a saved shortcut to a collection of Attributes and Data Sources displayed in the Data Panel.

The Default View is pre-defined within Distil, and (as the name suggests) is the View that you see when you first select the Data Panel.

You can easily see a list of the available Views by clicking the black Views button above the Data Panel. This button displays the name of the currently select View.

Selecting a different View will change the Attributes displayed in the Data Panel.

Views (other than the Default View) can only be seen by the User who created them.

Create a New View

Click the black Views button above the Data Panel, and then click the red Create New button. Give the View a unique name.

Next select the Attributes that you wish to be displayed for this View by selecting the checkbox next to the Attribute name. Select all Attributes within a Data Source by selecting the check box next to the Data Source name (e.g. AI Tags). Use the search bar at the top to find a specific Attribute.

Save the View by clicking the red Save button, or delete it by clicking the trash icon.

Edit an Existing View

To edit a View, click the black Views button at the top of the Data Panel to see the list of available Views. Click the edit icon to the right of the View name in the list that you wish to edit (you can't edit the Default View).

To delete a view: first edit the View, and then click the trash icon next to the Save button.

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