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There are ten Customer Intelligence dashboards offering insights on a range of metrics. Click the links to jump to the section in this guide:

Applying Filters

The dashboards have filter options visible on the top left: by Customer Segment, and a time and date filter.

Segment Filter

To apply a Segment filter: click inside the Segment box, select any existing Segment from the list, and then click Apply. Only data from Customers in the selected Segment will appear in the dashboard.

For information on how to create and configure Segments, read our helpful guide on Creating & Managing Segments.

Filter - Segment.jpg

Date and Time Filter

To apply a time and date filter: click the time and date filter option (the name of this option will vary slightly for each dashboard). In the pop-up, click and select a Range Type, and then addition selections as explained below.


Displays data from the Last period, for example the Last week. This option is a quick and easy way to select a recent time period. The options for this Range Type are: day, week, month, quarter, year. 


Displays data from the Previous complete period, for example the Previous calendar week. The options for this Range Type are: calendar week, calendar month, calendar year.


Allows you to select a specific to and from date and time. You can do this by selecting a time and date:

  • Relative to now (e.g. 7 days ago), or a
  • Specific date (e.g. 7-Feb-23), or
  • Now, or
  • Midnight (the next Midnight from now).


Allows you to select a time period using script. For an explanation of the script, hover the cursor over the information icon next to the text Configure Advanced Time Range (see screenshot below).

Filter - Time 3.jpg


Customer - Acquisition Dashboard

This dashboard displays acquisition data (number of website visitors), broken down by influencing channel, campaign, content, products and categories/collections. Data can be displayed for selected Segments, and with a time filter.

How to Use this Dashboard

Choose a Segment and a time period (Session Date) from the filter settings on the top left, then click Apply.

For the following tables, you can include or exclude Channels, Campaigns, Content, Products and Product Categories by selecting or de-selecting them from the top right of each chart. This enables you to analyse the performance of specific/selectable data.

Charts in this Dashboard

  • Channel
  • Campaign
  • Content
  • Product - coming soon
  • Product Category - coming soon

Customer - Content Read Dashboard

This dashboard displays a table listing all Content by Content ID and Content Title, showing how many times the Content has been read by Customers.

Customer - Conversions Dashboard

This dashboard displays charts and tables describing how Customers convert from making one purchase, to two, three, four and more purchases.

Customer - Lifetime Value Dashboard

This dashboard shows various metrics that give an indication of the average lifetime value, order value and order frequency, applied to a Customer Segment, and visible by cohort within this Segment.

Customer - Location Dashboard

This dashboard shows you where your Customers are ordering (to or from) within the United Kingdom. This information is split by region, and also shows the number of customers engaging with your online store on a daily basis, the number of orders, average order value and total value.

The dashboard also shows how your Customers are split into demographic groups, with the demographic grouping informed by ONS grouping

Customer - Next Purchases Dashboard

This dashboard includes interactive charts and tables explaining the relationships between your products: given the last Product purchased, which product are you Customer most likely to buy next?

Customer - Overview Dashboard

This simple dashboard displays your six key metrics, including number of Customers, average Customer value, and 30-day growth.

Customer - Preference Dashboard

This dashboard includes charts and tables revealing your top selling products, leading products, and top product categories.

Customer - Product Loyalty Dashboard

This dashboard displays interactive charts and tables explaining which products are most likely to result in Customer loyalty.

Customer - Retention Dashboard

This dashboard includes key Customer retention metrics.

Customer - Segment Dashboard

This dashboard illustrates how your products and Customer Segments interact and cross over.


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