Introduction to Data Sources

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Distil runs on data. Getting your data into Distil is the first step towards better business decisions.

Note that some Data Sources may take up to a full day to populate Distil with data. 

There are three main types of Data Source that you can sync with Distil:

  • Databases: sync your database with Distil to pull in your own in-house data
  • Tracking: use Distil's JavaScript Track code, or out Shopify App to record and use Tracking data
  • Integrations: push data to popular platforms to easily action your Distil insights. 

The Distil Shopify App and also the Distil API are examples of Integrations.

Each of these Data Sources supplies Distil with one or more of these Data Categories:

  • Customer: the key data type in Distil, these are your Customers!
  • Product: the Products available for your Customers to purchase
  • Purchase History (Order): a record of when a Customer purchased one or more Products from your business
  • Content: information and articles that can't be purchased, but help drive Customers towards an Order
  • Event: information about how and when your Customers interact with your business.

Some of the features in Distil need specific Data Categories. For example, the Product Recommendations Enrichment requires that Distil has access to both Product and Purchase History data.

Where a Distil feature needs a particular Data Category we will call this out in the relevant help article.

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