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Welcome to Distil!

While Distil has many features and capabilities, these all fall into a simple three-step process:

  1. Source: Distil needs data to provide insights, so the first step is to create Connections with your existing data and set up Tracking to capture your Customers' activities.
  2. Insight: Distil offers are wealth of actionable insights that are available as soon as you've sourced some data, including Segmentation and Enrichment, Daily Insights, Funnel Analytics and our fully-features Analytics Portal (note that not all of these features are available on all subscriptions plans) 
  3. Action: Distil makes it easy to action your insights via data Destinations, and brings your data to life with richly expressive dashboards and charts. 

You will also need to manage your Account and Users, including your subscription plan. However we'd recommend that you start by reading our quick guide to Learning and Getting Help.

Learn and Get Help

Quick-start your Distil journey by reading our short guide to learning about Distil and getting help.

We know you're keen to get to the value so we've kept this article brief and simple. Remember you can always get in touch if you are stuck or can't find what you're looking for.

Set Up Data Sources

Most Distil customers source the majority of their data from Database Connections and Tracking. Distil needs data to produce insights, so this should be your first step. Go here to get these set up.

If you've come to us via the Shopify App, then most of this is already set up via the app. However, there is some additional set-up you'll need to do to enable Tracking, which is explained here.

Gain Insights

Unlock hidden value or turbo-charge your marking campaigns with our rich Insights features. This is where the money is!

  • Customer Data Studio:
    • This is the heart of the single customer view within Distil, and the engine room for readying your insights to send to other platforms and applications.
    • Segmentation: access Distil's powerful AI Segments, or create your own with our fully-featured Segmentation capability.
    • Enrichment: let Distil do some of the heavy lifting with our suite of data enrichments.
  • Analytics Portal:
    • Our Analytics Portal serves up fully customisable and deeply penetrating insights, using your data and Distil's AI
    • (Note that the Analytics Portal is not available on all subscription plans, read our article on Subscriptions for more information).
    • Whether you need your insights as dashboards to share with the team, or charts to include in reporting to management or investors, Distil has what you need.
  • Funnel Analytics:
    • Take control of your marketing funnel and gain valuable insights into Channel Performance and Projected LTV.
  • Daily Insights:
    • Power through the week with our automated daily insights into your targets and key metrics, how your segments and products are performing, and how your marketing funnel looks.

Take Action

You can action insights directly by saving or sharing charts and dashboards from the Analytics Portal.

Distil also offers a suite of integrations with major platforms along with a powerful API, so that you can push all of your Distil insights alongside your customer data into email marketing and other platforms. 


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