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Distil offers a powerful API to ensure that you can use Distil to action insights on all of your data, wherever you hold it. Distil also offers a range of Integrations to popular marketing execution platforms.

Distil API Documentation

For information on how to implement the API in your platforms, read our API documentation, including example code: https://apidocs.distil.ai/

Create an API Connection

You will need to create an API connection within Distil and generate an API key before you can successfully use the API.

To do this, navigate to Settings > Integrations, and select API from the list of connection types under Add Connection. Enter a meaningful name and description for the API connection.

Next select a connection icon that will represent the new connection in Distil. If you're unsure, just select the Distil icon. You can easily change this at a later date.

Finally select a permission level for this connection. Choose Read & write own data only where you want to allow the connection to read and modify only those Customer records created by this connection (and not records created from some other Data Source). Select Read & write own data, plus Read all Customer records where you want the connection to also read all Customer records.

Click Done to create the connection.

API form.png

On the next page you will see the new connection in the list of Integrations in the left pane, and the current Data Sources for the connection on the right pane. As this is a new connection, there will be no Data Sources configured. Your Data Sources will appear here once you have set them up via the Create Datasource API call.

To access the API Key, click Edit Connection in the top right.

API edit button.png

The API Key for this connection is accessible at the bottom of the page. You can create more than one API connection if needed.

API key.png

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