Introduction to the Analytics Portal

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Distil’s Analytics Portal delivers powerful AI insights to optimise your business performance.

Note that the Analytics Portal is only available on our Brand or Enterprise subscriptions. Click here to check which Billing Plan you are on.

The intuitive dashboard provides real-time visibility into critical metrics across teams, enabling data-driven decision making. Users can easily track KPIs like deals closed, conversions, team velocity, and more with dynamic visualizations. Drill-down filters allow segmentation of data by region, department, or other variables to spot high and low performers. Additionally, Distil’s AI capabilities generate smart recommendations to improve processes and workflows based on emerging trends.

A key advantage Distil offers is democratised access to data analytics. The portal’s self-service interface allows all employees to quickly generate custom reports, analyse trends, and share insights across the organization. This collaboration is key, as annotations make it easy to discuss findings from different teams. Distil also facilitates integration with existing business systems through API connections to aggregate essential data in one place.

Distil’s AI-powered Analytics Portal enables businesses to optimize productivity, growth, and customer experience through data-driven operations. The unified view of cross-functional metrics along with smart recommendations provide a significant competitive advantage.

Accessing the Analytics Portal

To access to Analytics Portal, log in to Distil and click Tailored Analytics in the left menu pane, then click the large green Analytics Portal button. The Analytics Portal will open in your browser in a new tab.

Note that the Analytics Portal is only available on our Brand or Enterprise subscriptions. Click here to check which Billing Plan you are on.

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Once you have accessed the Analytics Portal, click Dashboards in the top menu bar to see a list of available dashboards. You can filter the list using any of the options at the top of the page, such as Owner and Created By.

The Analytics Portal comes with a collection of standard dashboards and charts. A dashboard is simply a visual representation of data insights and metrics in a consolidated, easy-to-read view. Dashboards deliver insights that allow users to monitor key performance statistics and and make data-driven decisions.

We can help create custom dashboards and charts if you have specific needs. Get in touch to discuss how we can help.



There are five main types of standard dashboards, each with one or more dashboards as described in the table below. Click the links in the table to read a guide on each of the dashboard types.

Dashboard Type Dashboard Titles
Marketing Channel Analytics Channel - New Cohorts
Channel - New Cohorts ROAS
Channel - Performance
Channel - ROAS
Customer Intelligence Analytics Customer - Acquisition
Customer - Content Read
Customer - Conversions
Customer - Lifetime Value
Customer - Location
Customer - Next Purchases
Customer - Overview
Customer - Preference
Customer - Product Loyalty
Customer - Retention
Customer - Segments
Data Verification Dashboard Data Verification Dashboard
Order Attribution Details Order Attribution Details

Product - Insights

Product Loyalty vs. Popularity

Segment Performance Segment Performance
UTM Tags UTM Tags


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