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Happy Friday! Most of the week has passed, and the weekend is almost here. Are you headed for some big sales number or a bit of downtime? 

Friday is all about letting your team check in on performance measured against the forecast from the start of the week (see the Monday Briefing Daily Insight card). This card takes the guesswork away, feeding in the very latest sales figures and using them to update your end-of-year results, showing you the difference. 

If you're looking at this insight card via Distil (and not via Shopify), then you will see some additional information at the top of the page. For a guide to this information, read our article on Daily Insights. Remember that the information at the top of the page is current now (as you view the page), while the information in the card is current as of the date of the card.




The metrics in this card are designed to help your team quickly understand the week's performance. This includes sales revenue verses this time last year, plus a revisiting of the short and long range forecast made on Monday.

Charts in this card

Upcoming Weeks Forecast

This chart revisits your short-range forecast generated on Monday and compares it to the actual results, Monday to Thursday. Days you have been stronger than forecast are green, those that are weaker are red. The Forecast for Friday, Saturday and Sunday are updated with the new forecast.




12 Month Forecast

This chart revisits the new 12 month sales look back and 12 month look forward using the updated long-range forecast. It’s a great way to see how your business is expected to perform given your recent relative sales figures - fantastic for board reporting and resolving any issues early.




Metrics in this card



Sales so far this week

The total number of sales so far this week, Monday to Thursday. This excludes any Sales made so far on Friday.

Year on Year Sales

The year-on-year % difference between this week last year (Monday to Thursday) and this week. 

End of Year Forecast Updated

The updated long range end-of-year forecast. This is updated with the week's sales figures since Monday. The change to the long-range forecast since Monday is also shown. 

Weeks Revenue Forecast

The Revenue Forecast for this week as predicted at the start of the week.

Weeks Revenue Forecast (Updated)

The Revenue Forecast for this week as predicted using the latest sales figures. 

Forecast Weeks Ranking

The ranking out of 20 this week would achieve if you meet the new updated week's Sales Forecast. 




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