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If you have installed the Distil Shopify App then you will have access to our wonderfully brief and insightful Daily Insight cards. The goal of the cards is to help you organise your thinking and focus your attention on specific tasks, which is why we give you a different topic for each day of the week.

If you don't have the Shopify App then you can still see daily insights, but they will be a summary of your daily sync activity (Data Source History), and not the Daily Insight cards described in this series of articles.

Our Daily Insights put a friendlier and more useful face on raw data, by presenting a curated view of key performance indicators. The insight cards aren’t 100-page reports – and that’s deliberate. Each day of the working week, you’ll find one waiting for you:

To see the Daily Insights view, navigate using the menu on the left.


Shopify App

If you have the Shopify App installed, then you'll also be able to see these insight cards directly from your Shopify account.

To see your Distil insights within Shopify, log in to your Shopify account and click or tap Apps, and select the Distil: AI Business Analytics app.

The Analytics tab is the default view so you should immediately see your insights. We cover the other tab, Settings, in our article on installing and configuring the Shopify App.

Because Distil's AI needs a minimum amount of data to deliver accurate insights, your Shopify store will need at least £5,000 in order value over the previous 12 months for Distil to work.

Daily Stats

At the top of each of the daily insight cards is a summary of your key metrics. This provides you with an at-a-glance view of they key figures driving your business, allowing you and your team to keep up to date.

It's important to remember that these numbers are current now, at the time and date that you viewed this page. The numbers within the Daily Insight cards (e.g. Segmentation Tuesday) are current as of the date at the top of the card. So if the numbers look slightly different then this is most likely the reason.



Yesterday Sales Total

This is the total revenue from yesterday, across all your Data Sources. A seven day rolling average is displayed to provide context as to each day's performance. 

Yesterday’s Average Order Value

This is your average order value from yesterday, across all your Data Sources. A seven day rolling average is displayed to provide context as to each day's performance. 

Yesterday’s 30-day Active Customer Count and At Risk of Leaving

Distil AI tracks engagement across all your platforms and uses this to understand each Customer's behaviour. Your daily stats include a count of the number of Customers that Distil has tagged as Active, those who are tagged as At Risk of Leaving, and those who have been marked as Lost.

Customers who are At Risk of Leaving who are also tagged with High Value are also highlighted for action. Retaining high value Customers will yield better revenue than low value Customers. 

If you want to learn more about how Distil's AI works to tag Customers like this, then head over to our article on AI Segments. For more detail on specific tags, search for the tag (e.g. At Risk of Leaving) in our article on Attributes.

Note that Distil's powerful Segmentation and Enrichment features are not available on all subscriptions.


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