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This article explains how to connect Distil to Mailchimp so that you can push and pull Audience data from Mailchimp into Distil, and push new Audiences back to Mailchimp. 

Login to your Distil account and navigate to Settings > Integrations. In the bottom left of the view, under Add Connection, click the Mailchimp logo to bring up the New Mailchimp Connection view.

Enter a meaningful Title and a brief Description for the connection. You can change these values after you've created the connection.

Mailchimp new connection - boxed.png

To connect to Mailchimp you will need to generate an API key within Mailchimp. An API key is a unique and confidential access code that allows Distil to interact securely with Mailchimp's API to access your Mailchimp data.

Follow the instructions in Mailchimp's guide to generating an API key. Copy the long alpha-numeric key and paste it into the API Key field in the New Mailchimp Connection view. You can also update this API key if you need to in the future. 

Before you can save and continue you need to ensure that the connection is working. Press the Test Connection button and wait for Distil to authenticate with Mailchimp. If everything is ok you will see a Connection Verified message slide across the notification area, and the text Test Connection will change to Connection Tested.

Check connection - checked.png

Go ahead and click Save Changes.

Distil is now connected to Mailchimp and is available to both pull data from Mailchimp into Distil, and push Customer Segments back out into Mailchimp.

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